Comprehensive Evaluation

VR has two facilities to gauge your interests, needs, physical abilities, work history, education and aptitudes for vocational assessment and career exploration. Based on the results and feedback from you and your family, we work with you to develop a plan to help you get or keep a job. our basic skills are evaluated through occupational therapy with assessments of upper extremity strength, cognitive and visual skills, dexterity and activities of daily living. Options for improving your physical health and increasing your vocational potential include customized fitness training, physical therapy, muscular development, nutritional counseling and weight management instruction, all tailored to your needs and objectives. If there is a physical barrier impacting your ability to work, VR’s rehabilitation engineers provide consultation, assessment, and design and fabrication to assist in overcoming barriers at home, work or school. 

Therapy sessions, in an individual or group setting, are provided to help you develop awareness and apply and practice behavioral strategies. Depending on your needs, sessions may include adjusting to challenges, problem solving, stress management, social support, goal setting and memory management strategies. All are to develop strategies to improve your work-related potential and performance. Job preparedness instruction, focusing on communication skills, workplace behaviors, resume development, interview preparation, and job search, guides you through the process of preparing for a new job opportunity. Based on your needs, your comprehensive evaluation may lead to residential services in our West Columbia facility with accessible rooms, a dining hall and scheduled recreational activities that creates a comfortable atmosphere. Trained and licensed nurses provide basic medical care for residents.

Evaluation Centers

We have two evaluation centers in South Carolina. Not all services are available at each location.

The Bryant Center

180 Groce Road 
Lyman, SC 29365

Call 864-249-8030 or 888-322-9391 (Toll-free).

The Bryant Center

West Columbia Evaluation Center

1400 Boston Avenue 
West Columbia, SC 29170 

Call 803-896-6040 or 800-422-6240 (Toll-free).

West Columbia Evaluation Center

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