Service Concerns & Complaints

A woman examines a service complaint at a computer.The following steps will assist you with the VR process for resolving your concerns:

Step 1

Share your concerns with your counselor. Your counselor can explain your options and provide possible solutions. You may request a written statement of the counselor's decision and you should receive that statement within 5 working days.

Step 2

If you disagree with the counselor, submit a written request to discuss the issue with the area supervisor. The area supervisor will schedule an informal fact-finding meeting within 10 working days of receiving your request. The meeting will include you, any witnesses you wish to include, the area supervisor, and any other VR staff members involved. The area supervisor will make a determination and recommendations based on your case file and information presented at the meeting and will provide you with a written report within 15 working days of the meeting.

Step 3

If you disagree with the area supervisor, the VR Ombudsman is available to assist you. The VR Ombudsman will hear from everyone involved in a neutral setting, clarify the issues, and work to reach a resolution. If a resolution is reached, the VR Ombudsman will follow up to make sure all agreed-upon actions are taken. A VR employee discusses a service complaint in a meeting.

The VR Ombudsman Is Here for You 

VR's goal is to prepare you for competitive, integrated employment. If you have a concern or complaint at any time during your VR experience, we want to help you resolve it quickly and efficiently so you can concentrate on your rehabilitation. You will not be penalized or subject to retaliation for filing a complaint or for bringing a concern to our attention.

What if These Informal Steps Don't Result in a Resolution of Your Concerns?

The VR Ombudsman can explain other options and the next steps to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible and assist you in your journey toward competitive employment. VR Ombudsman SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department 1410 Boston Avenue West Columbia, SC 29170 888-861-3543 (Toll free) 803-896-6534 (Columbia area) 803-896-6698 (Fax). Email the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department.

Client Assistance Program

A woman reaches out to the Client Assistance Program by phone while sitting at a laptop.The Client Assistance Program (CAP) is a federally funded program administered by Disability Rights South Carolina (DRSC), an independent, statewide, non-profit corporation that protects and advocates for the legal rights of people with disabilities. You may contact the CAP for further input on resolving your concerns. DRSC Client Assistance Program.

3710 Landmark Dr., Suite 208 Columbia, SC 29204 866-275-7273 (Help Line) 803-782-0639 (Office) 866-232-4525 (TTY).

Email the Client Assistance Program. For more information about the CAP at DRSC, visit the Disability Rights SC website.