Job Training & Placement

Job Training and Placement VR offers a a variety of skill-building and educational services to prepare you to take advantage of opportunities in your local area. To help you make the best career decisions, we work with you to meet your unique needs. Job readiness training provides you with real world experience and skill development in an environment designed to prepare you for the modern workforce. In partnership with the SC Department of Adult Education, we provide foundational workplace training such as writing, reading and math which are first assessed through vocational testing. Additional opportunities for post-secondary training at technical colleges or universities are also available.

These partnerships provide options for attaining the credentials or certificates necessary for in-demand, high-paying jobs throughout the state. Job preparedness instruction helps you develop the skills and other tools needed in today’s competitive workplace. Soft skills such as time management, communication, organization, stress management and more are developed. Job tryouts, internships and on the job training help you learn the specific skills you need to perform jobs with prospective employers. Learning how to find employment on your own with effective resumés and sound interview skills is also a focus. Understanding the workforce needs of businesses throughout South Carolina guides our training services. Building relationships with local employers and understanding what they look for in qualified job candidates lets us develop demand driven training for diverse industries and customized training for specific jobs in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Administration

At VR, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Every individual receives a customized plan, based on their interests and abilities, designed to help them enter or re-enter the workforce.

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