Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology

Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Barriers

Whether they are physical, cognitive, hearing, visual or something else, can make access to the world around you difficult. If there are barriers keeping you from establishing or keeping employment, or gaining new employable skills, VR can help. Our Rehabilitation Technology staff is focused on helping you overcome those barriers through assistive technology and devices, mobility aids, accessibility modifications, adaptive driving and vehicle services, and other accommodations. The process begins with an individual evaluation to understand and address your needs, requirements and concerns such as physical access to a location, specialized tooling for completing a task, learning and cognitive barriers, difficulty with accessing computers, ergonomics, and anything in between. From that evaluation, recommendations are made for appropriate assistive technology, modifications, design and fabrication services, or even training to reduce barriers.

To assess needs and requirements at the workplace or for a specific job task, worksite evaluations are done. Recommendations can vary from commercially available tools and items, to customized accommodations and adaptive equipment. To determine if there are barriers at home that would interfere with preparing for work, home evaluations may be performed. Adaptive Driving and Vehicle Services are available for individuals who need specialized transportation equipment and/or training to operate a motor vehicle with modified driving controls. Mobility Aid evaluations are completed for individuals who need assistive mobility devices for access to their workplace. The Rehabilitation Technology staff can also assess for other needs requiring assistive technology and adaptive tools to ensure the best opportunity for competitive employment.

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