Substance Abuse Recovery

Substance abuse is a life-limiting and destructive disability. If you are ready to break the chains of addiction and regain stability in your life, we can help. The caring professionals in our voluntary four-week residential program guide you through the emotional and physical aspects of confronting addiction and replacing it with a rewarding lifestyle.

Overcoming Addictions

An addictions counselor provides support and guidance at every step from intake to employment, and helps you learn to recognize the negative factors that contribute to addictive behavior while reinforcing the positive attitude and skills to successfully overcome them. Trained and licensed nurses provide basic medical care for residential consumers. Medical needs are closely monitored, including the administration of essential medications. Nutritious meals provide the energy needed to participate in all aspects of the residential program. This is a structured environment, filled with activities and games for learning, letting off steam and remembering how much fun it is to play. A community atmosphere provides a natural support system. You are treated with respect and are expected to take responsibility for your own behavior as you explore attitudes that lead to addiction and how it affects your body physically and mentally. Group therapy is a safe environment where you can express your feelings, learn from the experiences of others and learn to respect yourself and build healthy relationships with others. Guest speakers provide encouragement by sharing their experiences on how they confronted addiction and now lead successful lives. Family members who want to provide you with support can take advantage of visitation and family therapy or other sessions. Expedited admission is available for job retention service referrals.

Preparing for Work

Employment is an integral part of the program. A specialist works with you to identify strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, and interests that will lead to a successful employment outcome. Job preparedness instruction focuses on specific challenges such as stress management, building self-esteem, conflict resolution and dealing with anger constructively. You will continue to receive support from your VR counselor and will be encouraged to participate in community support groups as you return to work and a substance-free lifestyle. You must be a VR consumer, be tested for tuberculosis, and be opioid, stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogen free for at least 10 days or alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana free for three days. For more information, contact your local office or call 800-832-7526.

The Palmetto Center

The Palmetto Center serves VR consumers with a full range of vocational and treatment services for people whose employment is prevented or jeopardized by substance abuse or dependence.

The Palmetto Center
1709 Stokes Road
Florence, SC 2950

Call 843-662-9378.

The Palmetto Center