Transition for Youth

VR helps youth with barriers to education or employment

VR helps qualified youth build self-esteem, learn teamwork, gain communication and leadership skills, prepare for employment success, and achieve independence. We work to help youth prepare for their futures and work towards securing and retaining competitive employment in a fun, yet structured, way.

Graphic flowchart depicting the progression of VR's transition services.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services, often called Pre-ETS, are available to any student ages 13 through 21 with an IEP, 504 plan, or other documented disability. These services help prepare students for post-school life by emphasizing career exploration through:

  • Job exploration counseling
  • Work-based learning experiences
  • Counseling on post-secondary education
  • Workplace readiness training
  • Self-advocacy

Transition Services

Transition Services are for youth ages 14 through 24 with a disability, who is eligible for and enrolled in VR services. These services are designed to further develop career interests and pursuits and can begin while still enrolled in school. Based on the individual's interests, transition services may include post-secondary education, vocational/job training, job search assistance, job placement, and help with job retention.

Employment Related Services

Employment-related services, which are available to anyone with a disability who is eligible for and enrolled in VR services, assist with finding employment. Based on the person's strengths, abilities, interests, and informed choices, VR's individualized services provide a roadmap to obtain or advance in employment. Employment-related services may include job search, job placement, and help with job retention.

Programs and Partnerships Across the State

VR Services for College / Post High School

Two transition students work on an engineering project at a classroom smartboard.
Two transition students walk down the hallway of their high school.
A student in a wheelchair smiles with a Lexington Blowfish baseball player in the stadium.
Young girl holding a kitten in a vet's office. She is participating in a work training event.
Transition students in a classroom setting at an event at the VR Evaluation Center.