Job Retention Services

Let’s be honest: at some time, we have all felt overwhelmed by life. If you’ve hit a wall of physical or emotional impairments (including alcohol and other substance abuse) that is also affecting your job performance, VR can help guide you back to work-life balance. We also can help businesses aid their employees who may be struggling.

How VR Can Help

VR offers a variety of services and programs to help get you back on track. 

For physical impairments, therapies and adaptations are available to help overcome a physical disability that is causing you pain or affecting your ability to do your job. Through rehabilitation technology, our rehabilitation engineers provide consultation, individual assessment, and design and fabrication to assist you in overcoming physical barriers at home and at work. 

Services to help with anxiety, depression or other struggles may include counseling and guidance, medical or psychological evaluation/treatment and training to improve interpersonal skills. Other services are available through a variety of partnerships with other agencies. In our residential substance abuse recovery program, caring professionals guide you through the physical and emotional aspects of confronting an addiction.

Referral for Services

VR services are completely confidential and can help you stay employed while getting help and support. You can apply for VR services on your own, or your employer can make the referral.

Benefits for Employers

Employers also benefit from VR services. VR can provide training for supervisors on how to communicate with and provide assistance to employees with disabilities. Along with a healthier, happier workforce, employers may see improved quality and quantity of work, less turnover, improved safety, less tardiness and absenteeism, and better employee relations.

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