Training Centers

VR Training Centers are an outstanding resource for businesses and industries needing to complete projects that are time or labor intensive, or too costly to complete in-house. In our work training centers, our consumers complete these projects while learning the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market. The activities of our individual training centers are demand-driven by the needs of the local economy.

Throughout South Carolina, SCVRD now has 250 business partners outsourcing work to us across several hundred product lines. This has led to our consumers developing their skills on projects such as assembly, fabrication, inspection, building, packaging, recycling, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and distribution. By focusing on the specific needs of an area, consumers are prepared for local employment. Our statewide network is comprised of 25 training centers located throughout the state. Each location features up to 12,000 square feet of temperature controlled work space (some with humidity-controlled rooms for specialized needs), plus warehouse space up to 45,000 square feet. How each center is utilized is flexible and changes based on training and business needs.

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