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Our services are tailored to each person- there is no "one size fits all" approach. Because of this, the first step in getting VR services is finding the office most convenient to you and reaching out to them.

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The following interactive map lists all of our offices. Click on a marker for more information about an individual location. Choose the menu in the left corner to see the a list of the offices. Choose the brackets in the right corner to go full-screen.

Local Offices

(TC) indicates an office with a training center.

To protect your sensitive information and comply with applicable data security/privacy requirements, do not submit the following information when emailing VR offices: Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, medical information, passport numbers, passwords, employment records, or financial information of any kind. Information of that nature will be gathered at a later time in a secure setting.

Comprehensive Services

West Columbia Campus (Evaluation Center, Rehabilitation Technology Center)

1400 Boston Avenue
West Columbia, SC 29170

Phone: 803-896-6040 | 800-422-6240 (Toll Free)
Email West Columbia Campus

Disability Determination Services

Charleston Regional Office

P.O. Box 190029
North Charleston, SC 29419
Phone: 843-953-0300 (Office) | 800-868-0100 (Toll Free)
Fax: 843-953-0338 (Admin Fax) | 866-827-7369 (Medical Information Fax)

Columbia Regional Office

P.O. Box 80
West Columbia, South Carolina 29171
Phone: 803-896-6700 (Office) | 800-868-9777 (Toll free)
Fax: 800-896-6729 (Admin Fax) | 866-653-2523 (Medical Information Fax)

Greenville Regional Office

P.O. Box 3090
Greenville, SC 29602
Phone: 864-282-4000 (Office) | 800-868-1950 (Toll free)
Fax: 864-282-4482 (Admin Fax) | 866-868-7952 (Medical Information Fax)